Technical Information

All my sculptures are in limited editions and are available in bronze and many in bronze resin.

Bronze is the traditional material for sculpture and has been used for thousands of years.  The casting is very skilled and labour intensive, needing more stages than the cold bronze resin casting.  First a wax casting is made and then another mould is built up around the wax which is eventually burnt out and replaced with molten bronze.

Bronze resin is powdered bronze mixed with resin.  The resin solidifies with the use of a catalyst.  The bronze content allows the casting to weather in a very similar manner to bronze.  The resin and strengtheners ensure that the casting is extremely strong.

Both bronze and bronze resin are patinated with chemicals after casting.  When placed outside for some time the patination will change.  Have a look at the 'Balancing Boy' photo which is bronze and has been outside for several years.
Click here for Pictures of Balancing Boy. The new 'bronze' look will tend to dull and go greyer or greener depending on atmospheric conditions.  If required the sculpture can be repatinated to regain its original finish but usually the natural weathering is attractive.

If a sculpture is scratched the material under the surface patination shows.  If unsightly, small blemishes can be obscured by applying a little blacking.  For more serious damage repatination may be necessary.

All my sculptures are supplied with bolt holes and the necessary nuts and studding for fixing.  If any special fixing is required it can almost certainly be arranged.

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