I am delighted to receive requests for commissions.  I especially enjoy portraiture.

I am always looking for unusual or different work so please do not hesitate to enquire, my prices vary depending not only on size and materials but also on subject matter.

The Procedure

I am very anxious with commissions that everyone should know, as far as possible how work will proceed.  I usually start with a visit to the child or children at home armed with a camera, camcorder and measuring equipment.  This may sound alarming but usually ends up with great fun and games.  For this I only ask expenses for travel.  If interested parties have any particular poses in mind I also cover those although my experience is that spontaneous poses usually work out much better.  It is also important that the whole idea can be abandoned at this stage with no trouble to anyone.

I return home and mull over the results of the visit and come up with several ideas of what sort of sculpture should be modelled.  In consultation with the parents a pose is decided on.  At this point I ask for half the cost and then proceed with modelling.  Depending on the time of year this can take from 3-9 months.  Towards the end of modelling I send photos of work so far for comments and then a final visit to suggest small amendments to the 'finished' clay model before going to the foundry.  When the clay model is finished to everyone's satisfaction and before casting the balance of the money is required.  The foundry work can take from six to twelve weeks normally and then delivery is arranged.

You can email me here